Waiver of responsibility and indemnification

The organizer as well as all the operative persons and all of those persons and organizations involved in realization of this event (as Bike and More) are not liable for any personal injuries and damages or loss of property before, during or after the event. In all respects the participants take part on their own risk and bear all the responsibilities regarding civil or criminal liability for damages done by themselves or with their bikes. Due to this exemption of liability, the participants waive any compensation against the organizer or their representatives regarding any accident or damages sustained during the event. I agree that in case of an accident I can not enforce any claims against the organization. An accident insurance is recommended. I also agree that I follow the instructions by the marshals and accept the local road traffic regulations. I agree to the conditions of participation and register for the event above. I have no right of refund of the entry fee if I fail to appear or if the event is cancelled due to force majeure. All pictures, shots or interviews of me made during the event as well as the results with my personal data may be used by press, radio, TV and advertisement without remuneration. With my signature I agree to have read on the official homepage the exact rules and conditions for participation at the event and that I have filled out the registration form truthfully and completely. According to the Data Protection Act: your data will be automatically saved and passed to Bike & More who will use your e-mail address for a regularly newsletter mailing (you can cancel it whenever you want)