Accident Insurance 2017

Those who need an Accident and Health Insurance for the racing season 2017 can do this through Bike & More. The policy is valid for all cycling events worldwide (MTB, road bike, bike tours, but no downhill), which you enter through Bike & More. So you need, for example, such a kind of insurance for the KRKA ON BIKE, stage race in Croatia. Do not hesitate and book it. 

The policy, in case of an accident during one of the races booked through Bike & More, costs 15.00.-Euro per person and day (a marathon, for example, costs 15.- € or a stage race with 3 stages: 45.00.- €)

Here are the data - insurance sums and compensation limits:

   IN CASE OF INVALIDITY: payment of 100,000.- €

   IN CASE OF DEATH - payment of 50,000.- €

   FOR MEDICAL FEES - Refund up to 1.500.- €

If you are interested, please write us a mail         info(a)